Our apps

The hospital app

Let your department have its very own app, where the board continuously informs the employees about what is happening. If it really matters, a push message can be sent right to the screen of everyone’s phone. Or use the phone list to reach out immediately. Just click on the link. You can save all the important numbers at the top under “My Favourites”. Coding is made easy, with all the diagnose codes at hand when you need them. And finally, all local guidelines are easily accessible for junior colleagues.

The patient app

Here, the possibilities are endless. At the beginning, you must stick to what we have developed, but we promise―there will be more. Be creative! Develop your own texts, images, PowerPoint presentations, and movies. Broadcast a lecture in which you talk about the disease your patient is suffering from. Make it personal for your patients. They will appreciate it. Have an interview with the nurses and the physiotherapists, and let them show in a film how they are working with the patients.
When the patients finally roll into the operating theatre, they will be knowledgeable about their condition―which will certainly be instrumental for the final outcome of your procedures.

The corporate app

The safest way for a company to ensure customer satisfaction is to make sure that the product is working properly. Improper handling leads to inferior results, but the physician will most likely blame the product …. With a film or a PowerPoint presentation to watch in the evening before or on the morning of the surgery, the chances are higher that we will get it right. Leave your phone or iPad in the operating room to make a quick check if you are unsure. And the scrub team can read in advance what you will do. It is that simple.

The guidelines app

This is our app for national and international organizations. The guidelines are bundled as PDFs and are easily accessible when you need them.

The journal app

Are you an organization with a medical journal? We organize your journal as a simple bundling of the single pdfs or as a complete professional app like ACTA Orthopedica (länk till appstore).

The clinical trials app

Check with us about an app for a drug trial or a clinical trial. We supply a secure login and encrypted storage and above all an interface which is easy for you to administrate. Send reminders to the patients in the phone, communicate with the trial coordinators and increase the patient compliance by sending informative feed back.