The Flexor Tendon App:


All the information at hand anytime and anywhere


The flexor tendon app has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Hand Surgery at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. The app is made for patients operated on for a flexor tendon injury in the hand. As a patient you might be too active in the rehab period, and the risk of a re-rupture is increased. Also the opposite, the patient being too careful, might jeopardize the end result and lead to limited range of motion. A fruitful and smooth collaboration between the patient, surgeon and rehab is thus important and the better informed the patient is, the better the end result will be. In the app all information has been collected from the local hospital about the injury, how to perform the exercises and what is going to happen in the weeks to come. Films show how to correctly perform the exercises and reminders are sent as push messages to the patient when it is time. The content is managed by the care-giver via an intuitive computer interface. It is not hard to imagine such an app for your patients in whatever field- is it?

CPUP Hip Score


The CPUP-project is a national and international prevention program for kids with cerebral paresis. In the program all kids in Sweden with this diagnosis are followed regularly. Joint malpositions and subluxations are now prevented, conditions that previously lead to repeated surgery and often a life in the wheel-chair. Using the app, the care provider can calculate the risk of the patient having to undergo future surgery, through a mathematical algorithm developed by the Lund hospital. With the app the scoring instructions and the calculator are always at hand. The app has been developed together with Gunnar Hägglund at the Department of Orthopedics in Lund, Sweden.

Obstetrics Guidelines App


All the advantages of an app- guidelines that are not hidden behind a log in or in the bookshelf. Always updated in the latest version. No log in required but readily available in the doctor´s pocket. A guideline that is going to be used! The app has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics.



Trimed is a company making implants for orthopedic surgery. Ulna osteotomy is a surgical procedure performed when a wrist fracture has healed in a suboptimal position causing painful and limited forearm rotation. The procedure is infrequent and as a surgeon you need a quick rehearsal.  Now it is easy to go through the steps visually before the operation, in a film or in figures with tips and tricks. The app is available in the major European languages.



Swemac is a Swedish company developing own orthopedic implants When the Motec wrist prosthesis was launched an app was made with films and pictures of the surgical technique. The target group was the surgeons implanting the device, providing them with a tool to quickly and easily go through the operation step by step immediately before surgery in their phone or in the OR using an iPad. Also students, scrub nurses and staff involved in the rehab have found the app useful.

Acta Orthopedica


Acta Orthopedica is the leading orthopedic academic journal of Scandinavia and ranked five in the world. Acta was first out in the orthopedic world with an app. Being an open access journal all previous issues since 1930 are readily available to read in the app. Acta was voted as one of the top ten useful apps in TopOrtho Apps already in 2011. Today 15000 unique users have downloaded the app and 100 new add on weekly. Most downloads are made in the US but the app is widely spread in the developing world with India and Mexico coming in the top five. A recent update in design and UX has been made in late 2015.