Apps for the healthcare sector?

Do you have great ideas but just do not know how to proceed?
Let us show you the tools we have made for the healthcare sector.
Well informed patients and updated healthcare professionals are the keys to future healthcare.

Our apps

Make your own app!
Not difficult. Not expensive.
We help you with the framework – you provide the content.

Create your own app for
• patient information
• training of colleagues
• national guidelines
• for internal communication within your department


Try these out

The hospital app

Manage the internal communication at your hospital or department.
Make sure everyone has access to the local treatment protocols, accessible with a few clicks on your phone.

The patient app

Let each patient group have its own app, with all the information readily available for their particular condition.
Show them how you do it in your hospital, using films, PowerPoint presentations, or images.
The follow-up is made easy with a survey or PROM.

The corporate app

Ask the companies you work with to develop an app with movies and images describing how their product should be used correctly. Tell them to contact us!

The research app

Use our research platform or try out Apple’s Research Kit. We can help you.

The guidelines app

Do you represent a national or international organization and want your guidelines to be available to everyone?

Apple Research Kit

In April 2015, Apple released its Research Kit, designed to quickly recruit large patient cohorts and easily collect large amounts of data. Stanford recruited 11,000 patients in the first day! Keen to try it? We can help you with the programming. You come with the ideas!

Why use us at AppInMed?

    ✓ We are doctors working in the healthcare sector. We know what we want, so we know what you want!
    ✓ We are scientists, and we know how to design a study.
    ✓ We are university-educated programmers, and not rapidly trained by an “app school”. Do you need more advanced help with the Internet of Things and Big Data? We will help you.
    ✓ We make native apps for iOS and Android. No mobile websites! Everything is in the phone and stays there irrespective of the network. No spinning symbols or flipping balls anymore!
    ✓ You organize everything yourself using our simple-to-use interface. You do not need to program.
    ✓ Maybe you know us already, and have used our conference apps? We have made apps for many Scandinavian medical meetings in the last few years (

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